Township Girls

The Cross-Over Generation

Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu, Nomsa Mwamuka & Wadzanai Garwe



This collection comprises the stories of women who grew up in two countries, Rhodesia, prior to Independence and Zimbabwe post-1980. The contributors reflect on their childhoods with refreshing candour. Many of their memories retain the crystalline clarity of childhood and thus provide insights into worlds that have often remained unexplored.


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Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu is co-founder of VIRL Financial Services P/L (est. 2010) and is country director of VIRL Social Foundation (est. 2014).

Nomsa Mwamuka is a researcher, writer, producer and project manager with over 20 years' experience working across various media platforms from film, TV and radio to print, focusing, in particular, on arts events and cultural festivals.

Wadzanai Garwe currently works for Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome.