Transforming Settler States

Communal Conflict and Internal Security in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe

Ronald Weitzer


This book is out of print, but the publisher has made the text available on Google Books.


In the past two decades, several settler regimes have collapsed and others seem increasingly vulnerable. This study examines the rise and demise of two settler states with particular emphasis on the role of repressive institutions of law and order. Drawing on field research in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe, Ronald Weitzer traces developments in internal security structures before and after major political transitions. He concludes that thoroughgoing transformation of a repressive security apparatus seems to be an essential, but often overlooked, precondition for genuine democracy.


Certainly Weitzer's framework for analysing communal conflict and internal security in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe has important implications for studies of other settler and post-settler societies. - Thomas Mitchell, The Journal of Modern African Studies


Ronald Weitzer is a sociologist specializing in criminology and a professor at George Washington University, known for his publications on police-minority relations and on the sex industry.