Tuku Backstage

The first tell all biography of the music, life & secrets of Oliver Mtukudzi

Shepherd Mutamba



You are a journalist working for one of Africa's most influential musicians. The musician befriends a despot. What do you do? You must write a book about the superstar that people think they know. Tuku Backstage is about the secrets about Zimbabwe's foremost international singer, Oliver Mtukudzi aka Tuku, told by his former publicist Shepherd Mutamba. The writer digs into Tuku's intensely private life, revealing what is held back about his dreadful ways.


Tuku Backstage will probably be a best-seller because it gives the curious fan and archivist an opportunity to really know the man. It is also rich with Tuku’s musical history as never been done before. - The Patriot


Shepherd Mutamba is a Zimbabwean journalist. Before he ventured into showbiz, he spent the greater part of his career in journalism as a television and radio reporter and editor in chief at ZBC and New Ziana.