Turmoil & Tenacity Zimbabwe 1890 - 1990

Canaan Banana


The book is out of print.


Turmoil and Tenacity is both an academic and political study. It could not have been otherwise given its inspiration and the occupations of its contributors. The project was inspired by the signing of the Unity Accord between ZANU and PF-ZAPU on 22 December 1987, which ended the second part of a 'two-fold' struggle which, in Banana's words, was firstly 'a struggle against a common enemy', and secondly, an 'internal struggle for national unity.'


This book is unique in many ways. Besides the fact that it was edited by a former State President now turned academic. - Masipula Sithole, Zambezia


Rev Canaan Sodindo Banana was the first President of the Republic of Zimbabwe (1980 - 87). He trained as a teacher and was also ordained a Methodist minister in 1966. He died in 2003.