Under My Skin

Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949

Doris Lessing



"I was born with skins too few. Or they were scrubbed off me by. . .robust and efficient hands." The experiences absorbed through these "skins too few" are evoked in this memoir of Doris Lessing's childhood and youth as the daughter of a British colonial family in Persia and Southern Rhodesia Honestly and with overwhelming immediacy, Lessing maps the growth of her consciousness, her sexuality, and her politics, offering a rare opportunity to get under her skin and discover the forces that made her one of the most distinguished writers of our time.


With the same combination of burning intimacy and social commentary that made The Golden Notebook (1962) a classic of our times, Lessing writes about her childhood and coming-of-age in southern Africa. This is a sprawling autobiography--she admits that her fiction "makes a better job of the truth"--yet scenes and sentences hit you with a flash of recognition, articulating what you didn't know you felt. - Booklist


Doris May Lessing was a British-Zimbabwean novelist, poet, playwright, librettist, biographer and short story writer. She won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2007.