Ian Holding



At sixteen, Davey Baker is almost the man his father wants him to be, and almost the child he was. When his parents are murdered and his family's farm "reclaimed," the community tries to bring him back to the club, the church, and his boarding school. But Davey is on a different path. One night he escapes from school and embarks on a harrowing journey across the continent, in search of something even he isn't sure of. At once haunting, dreamlike, and realistic, Unfeeling announces the arrival of a major new writer.


[Holding's] confident and measured prose rarely falters. He is especially strong on interior monologues and natural descriptions. This is crucial because the reader is given a sense of just how much of the characters' identities are forged through an attachment to the landscape. - The Guardian


Ian Holding is a prominent Caucasian Zimbabwean writer widely regarded as being at the forefront of a new generation of Zimbabwean authors and commentators on contemporary Zimbabwe.