Universal Health Care in Southern Africa

Policy Contestation in Health System Reform in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Greg Ruiters & Robert van Niekerk


Book is not available in Zimbabwe.


This book examines the scope for health care reform in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Both countries are undergoing significant attempts at reforming inequitable, private sector-dominated health care systems in the context of fragile, negotiated social settlements. In South Africa, the government is moving towards introducing a national health insurance scheme that holds the historic promise of introducing social solidarity and effective health care for all its citizens. However, key aspects of the proposed scheme remain unresolved and need to be widely debated.


Universal Health in Southern Africa is essential reading for academics, health professionals and policy makers concerned with the historical, ideological and institutional background to the current policy debate on the commercialisation of health care and proposed alternatives such as a national health system.


Greg Ruiters is professor of governance and public policy at the University of the Western Cape and co-director of the Municipal Services Project.

Robert van Niekerk is professor of social policy and director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research at Rhodes University.