Voices from the Rocks

Nature, Culture, and History in the Matopos Hills of Zimbabwe

Terence O. Ranger



Occupied by humanity for some 40,000 years, the Matopos Hills in Zimbabwe have become the scene of symbolic, ideological, and armed conflict over the last hundred years. Voices from the Rocks is about landscape, religion, conservation, political symbolism, and war in the Matopos Hills―not simply the geography of the National Park there, which is seen by most visitors as a "wild place." Terence Ranger reinstates culture and history into nature.


[Ranger's] Revolt in Southern Rhodesia 1896-97 opened out decades of important debate about religion and violence in the early colonial encounter. This book is its challenging, much awaited sequel at the very cutting edge of postcolonial studies. ―Richard Werbner, University of Manchester


Terence O. Ranger was a prominent African historian, focusing on the history of Zimbabwe. His work spanned the pre- and post-Independence period in Zimbabwe, from the 1960s to the present. He died in 2015.