Where We Have Hope

A Memoir of Zimbabwe

Andrew Meldrum



When American-born journalist Andrew Meldrum arrived in Harare in 1980, he planned to stay for only three years-but he quickly fell in love with the country and its people. Newly independent from Britain, Zimbabwe was infused with the optimism of new nation -building. But over the twenty years he lived there, Meldrum watched as President Robert Mugabe gradually consolidated power and the government slowly evolved into violent despotism. The last foreign journalist in Zimbabwe, Meldrum was seized and expelled in May 2003, forced to leave for writing "bad things" about Mugabe's regime.


Andrew Meldrum has been a witness to the unfolding, over the last quarter of a century, of one of the most remarkable stories of modern times. He has observed at close quarters the laying waste, in peacetime, of Zimbabwe.


Andrew Meldrum is an American journalist who has concentrated on Africa and human rights. He worked in Zimbabwe for 23 years. Currently Meldrum is Assistant Africa Editor for The Associated Press, working in Johannesburg, South Africa.