Women, Men and Work

Rural Livelihoods in South-Eastern Zimbabwe

Michael Bourdillon & Paul Hebnick



A collection of studies about rural people in Zimbabwe: women, traders, food producers, children and labour migrants; what they do, and how they manage their resources - land, capital, knowledge and markets - in competition and co-operation with others. Particular attention is given to the tensions arising between the rural people themselves and other actors in rural development and interested parties, for example the short term need for food and fuel security against sustainable development and the environmental agenda; and the importance of addressing the social dimensions of the increasing technological content in the development process.


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Michael Bourdillon is a Professor of the Department of Sociology, University of Zimbabwe. He is directly involved in organisations dedicated to helping street children.

Paul Hebinck as Rural Development Sociologist specialized in agrarian transformation processes in Africa with an emphasis on land reform, small scale or peasant farming, and rural livelihoods.