Women, Mobility and Rural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe

Experiences of Fast Track Land Reform

Patience Mutopo


  • Brill
  • Leiden
  • 2014
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 258 pages


This book is based on iterative multi-sited ethnography at Merrivale farm, Tavaka village, and various sites in South Africa. The author reveals how the dynamics generated by fast-track potentially offer new development opportunities specifically for women. The findings challenge existing expert notions and opinions about women s rural land use, livelihoods, and rural development. The book examines how negotiations and bargaining by women with family, state, and traditional actors have proved useful in accessing land in Mwenezi district, Zimbabwe.


[Mutopo] asks many pertinent questions and presents a perspective that seems genuinely eager to understand the situation rather than to applaud or condemn fast track.


Dr Patience Mutopo is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Development Studies at Chinhoyi University of Technology in Zimbabwe.