With Robert Mugabe to the brink of the abyss

MJ Matshazi



With this book, Matshazi embarks on a tightly written political history of the 20 years of Mugabe’s deteriorating reign in Zimbabwe. There has been a veritable flood of literature of all kinds during the latest ‘land grab’, but relatively little of it from native Zimbabweans of Matshazi’s pedigree (which is to say, other than by displaced white people, who can always be conveniently accused of some form of disgruntled racism). But as Matshazi shows incontrovertibly, Muagbe’s main war has been against ‘dissenting’ black inhabitants of Zimbabwe.


... the general thrust of the book is vigorous and revealing: you could do a lot worse than read its fairly short and incisive account as a primer on modern Zimbabwe and its manic ruler. - Dan Wylie, Wordfest


Professor Meshack Jongilanga Matshazi passed away in 2015. At the time of his death, he was the Zimbabwe Open University regional coordinator of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.