Zimbabwe Bound

A Woman's Journey Through Africa

Larita Killian



In Zimbabwe Bound, the author traces the life of Anna Mackenzie, who was born to an orphan train child in Indiana and homesteaded in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the 1930s. Following a seven-year correspondence with a South African rancher, Mackenzie pursues her love to Africa. Struggling to survive, Anna and her husband battle leopards, wilds baboons, and pestilence while negotiating relations with the colonized. Letters from Anna, missionaries, and other contemporaries help readers experience this historic period through the life of a courageous woman.


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Larita Killian, Ed.D., is an educator and Certified Public Accountant in southern Indiana. Her work has appeared in several academic journals. She is a recipient of several awards including the national educator award from the Association of Government Accountants.