Zimbabwe Dance

Rhythmic Forces, Ancestral Voices, an Aesthetic Analysis

Kariamu Welsh-Asante


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


The colonial and post-colonial era robbed African people worldwide of much essential information on traditional African cultures. Now that void is gradually being filled by a new generation of dedicated cultural researchers, with the help of traditionalists and rural folk who have continued their traditional practices in their original contexts. In Zimbabwe Dance, Dr. Welsh Asante's interviews with the keepers of one nation's oral history have yielded a harvest of information on two specific ethnic groups, the Ndebele and the Shona, and their traditional dances, the Muchongoyo and the Jerusarema.


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Kariamu Welsh-Asante is a scholar of cultural studies including performance and culture within Africa and the African Diaspora. She serves as the Director of the Institute for African Dance Research and Performance at Temple University.