Zimbabwe: Prose and Poetry

Solomon Mutswairo


  • Unknown publisher
  • Pueblo, Co
  • 1979
  • English

The book is out of print.


The book Zimbabwe consists of the English version of Solomon Mutswairo's famous Shona novel Feso and an anthology of poetry appearing in both Shona and English. The translations of both the novel Feso, and the poetry have been done by Mr. Mutswairo himself and by Mr. D. E. Herdeck who has spent quite some time in Rhodesia where he mastered the Shona language.


Here, I must admit, is a classic example of a book as much fascinating for its subject as its presentation. - John F. Povey, ASA Review of Books


Solomon Mangwiro Mutswairo was a Zimbabwean novelist and poet. He taught at Howard University in the 1970s, wrote and published the first Shona novel in 1956. He died in 2005.