Zimbabwe's Plunge

Exhausted Nationalism Neoliberalism and the Search for Social Justice

Patrick Bond



Zimbabwe's government is tired and discredited and the country is stretched to breaking point. What will come next? Should the society shift from rule by an exhausted nationalist clique, to a neo-liberal free-market economy, as advocated by the big-business wing of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change? This guide argues that Zimbabwe must confront the political-economic contradictions. It sketches an alternative political project drawing upon the Zimbabwean people's own struggles for social justice.


...this book may be a fountain of hope for the converted and the impressionable, but for those who live under the yoke of repression, theirs is a message of despair. The book's eloquence belies an authoritarian streak, at once sterile and doctrinaire. - Dale Dore, Journal of Southern African Studies


Patrick Bond is Senior Lecturer (Economic Policy) and Assistant Director (Research) at the University of the Witwatersrand Graduate School of Public and Development Management in Johannesburg.