Zimbabwe's Unfinished Business

Rethinking Land, State & Nation in the Context of Crisis

Amanda Hammar, Brian Raftopoulos & Stig Jensen


The book is out of print.


The dramatic changes in Zimbabwe's economic, political and social landscapes since the 2000 elections - referred to as the 'Zimbabwe crisis' - have raised complex critical questions at national, regional and international levels. This work addresses these points, by focusing on the shifting discourses about, and relationships between land, state and citizenship. It argues that these changing definitions and dynamics, and their implications, can best be understood in terms of a number of overlapping, complete and incomplete projects of transformations; or as 'unfinished business'


The book's sense of purpose - to contest Mugabe's reinvented and expedient nationalist narrative by providing space for alternative voices - is never in doubt. Unfinished Business not only represents the integrity of Zimbabwe's strong intellectual tradition, but is also the brave voice of resistance. - Journal of Southern African Studies


Amanda Hammar is Professor of African Studies at Copenhagen University. She has worked primarily as a researcher since 1997, but from 1983 onwards worked in various aspects of social policy, rural development and local government reform in southern Africa.

Brian Raftopoulos is a Mellon Senior Research Mentor at the Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape and a former Associate Professor of Development Studies at the University of Zimbabwe.

Stig Jensen is an Associate Professor at Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen.