Zimbabwean Literature in African Languages

Crossing Language Boundaries

Emmanuel M. Chiwome & Zifikile Mguni



The scope of this book is Ndebele and Shona literature, with emphasis on post-independence publications. African literature in English has received more critical attention than literature in indigenous languages. The objective of the study is to combine some of the different genres of literature in indigenous languages in an attempt to understand them on the basis of their common history and culture.


Nowadays an academic book is not supposed to be esoteric. A good academic book should read like a good friend; some familiar insights with very fresh perspectives. You do not want to keep looking for your dictionary. You also do not want to take painkillers before reading an academic book in an area of your choice. Emmanuel Chiwome and Zifikile Mguni’s book, Zimbabwean Literature in African Languages is thankfully readable. - Memory Chirere, KwaChirere


Professor Emmanuel Chiwome taught in Department of African Languages and Literature at the University of Zimbabwe until his death in early 2003.

Zifikile Mguni is currently Associate Professor in the University of Zimbabwe’s Department of African Languages and Literature.