Zimbabwe’s New Diaspora

Displacement and the Cultural Politics of Survival

Joann McGregor & Ranka Primorac



Zimbabwe's crisis since 2000 has produced a dramatic global scattering of people. This volume investigates this enforced dispersal, and the processes shaping the emergence of a new "diaspora" of Zimbabweans abroad, focusing on the most important concentrations in South Africa and in Britain. Not only is this the first book on the diasporic connections created through Zimbabwe's multifaceted crisis, but it also offers an innovative combination of research on the political, economic, cultural and legal dimensions of movement across borders and survival thereafter with a discussion of shifting identities and cultural change.


The volume is to be welcomed as a considerable addition to the growing literature on African migrants and refugees in Europe and elsewhere. It brings together research conducted by a range of scholars from different disciplines and of different backgrounds, including many from Zimbabwe itself...Comparing the Zimbabwean 'diaspora' in depth in two important and different contexts (the UK and South Africa) gives it significant added value. - Prof. Ralph Grillo


Joann McGregor is professor of Human Geography at the University of Sussex.

Dr Ranka Primorac is a Lecturer in English at the University of Southampton. She has degrees from the universities of Zagreb, Zimbabwe and Nottingham Trent.